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Berrien Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

recognizes that every individual is unique, and so is your Individual Plan of Care. With your physical and emotional wellbeing always in mind, our staff will implement a personal approach from the first day you arrive. We also can assist with services from specialists such as dentists to address your individual needs.


You and your family will be a vital part of our team – from the Attending Physician, nurses and pharmacists – to therapists, and social services and activities coordinators. Everyone at Berrien Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  is personally dedicated to helping you lead a healthy, fulfilling life.


The services of Podiatrist are available upon request, if your physician deems this service necessary. The resident will elect a Podiatrist at the time of admission to the facility. The facility also is contracted with podiatrist, Michael Wallace, who can provide services to the residents.



Laboratory services available through the Berrien County Hospital under the same roof.



Portable Radiology Services available through a third party vendor.


Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Language Pathology

Your physician must order therapy services. These services are provided daily by licensed therapists and are managed by a registered and licensed therapist.


Pharmacy Options

Private pay residents will have their drug charges billed through the designated pharmacy. Residents covered by Medicaid are billed by the pharmacy to Medicare Part D. If there are any non-covered medications for any resident, the resident and/or resident representative will be contacted by the pharmacy. Drug charges for residents covered by Medicare Part A are paid by Medicare. 

Clothing & Personal Laundry

Laundry is done on site. 


Beauty & Barber

Hair will be kept groomed by the nursing staff. If you desire the services of a beautician or barber, you will need to contact the Social Services Coordinator. The barber/beautician comes to the facility on designated days, which are posted in the beauty shop.



A public telephone is conveniently located in the facility for the use of all residents and their visitors.

A private telephone for your room may be obtained by direct contact with the telephone company. The telephone bill will be sent directly to you and your representative. If it becomes necessary to relocate a resident who has a telephone, the facility will arrange to have the telephone moved.



Free, in room cable



Free WiFi available



For relaxing outdoors. 

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